Buyers Resources

The process of buying a home can be stressful, even if you’re working with a professional real estate agent, like myself.
Chances are, you’ll have to hire various professionals throughout the process, including a mortgage lender, a home inspector, an attorney and finally a title company to handle the closing.
The last thing you want to do is hire unreliable professionals who may cause delays — or even ruins — your home purchase.
Because I want my clients to have the most successful buying experience possible. I only recommend reliable professionals who will take you through a successful home buying process.
I have personally vetted each professional that I will recommend to you so you can confidently hire any one of these companies or individuals, knowing you’ll be in great hands.
In this section, I’ve provided you with a list of resources, along with a brief explanation of how each one can help you have the best home-buying experience.
How to get the Best Mortgage for your Home Purchase
What would be the best mortgage for your home purchase? Would it have the following:
  • The best possible interest rate?
  • The best possible loan terms?
  • A low down payment — if that’s what you want?
  • An easy, stress-free closing?
Would you like to be able to make your offer “as good as cash” so you can negotiate the best price and terms?
There are many different loan programs available for home buyers. Here are just a few:
  • Conventional—A conventional mortgage can lead to a low fixed rate or adjustable rate for your primary home, secondary home, or investment property.
  • FHA—An FHA mortgage is a great program for buyers. Its advantages are a low down payment without private mortgage insurance. The lender process can be streamlined, with no appraisal and reduced loan documentation to qualified applicants.
  • VA—A VA Mortgage offers many benefits, including no down payment and lower interest rates.
Knowing which program to choose can be daunting. The lenders I can recommend are familiar with all of these different programs, they can explain your options and help you pick the best one for your needs.
After that, they can issue you a pre-approval letter that will make your offer “as good as cash.”
You Just Signed a Contract of Sale You’ll Need an Attorney
Once you find your dream home and your offer has been accepted you’ll need to choose an attorney to review the contract. This is known as “Attorney Review” wherein the buyer’s and seller’s attorneys review the contract of sale and make any changes to the contract that is agreeable by both parties. I can recommend a list of attorneys for you to chose from that will take you through this process. Once you’re successfully out of attorney review on to the next step, the home inspection.
Now It’s Time to Hire a Home Inspector
Once you’re out of attorney review you need to hire a home inspector to inspect the condition of the property. You will need to accompany the home inspector and he’ll take you through the property and point out any issues he discovers in the process. The inspector will issue a inspection report shortly after the inspection takes place. Your attorney will be provided with a copy of the report and then will negotiate any issues uncovered in the report with the seller’s attorney.
Here’s How to Ensure Your Closing is Smooth and Easy
Title companies can ensure you have a stress-free, smooth, and easy real estate closing by researching the title to the property to make sure it’s clear from any issues so title can transfer from the seller to the new buyers. I can recommend a title company for you to use.
Homeowners Insurance, a Must Have
When purchasing a home, you need to purchase homeowners insurance especially if you take a loan to purchase your home. Lenders require the new homeowner to have a policy in place at closing. I can recommend an insurance broker who can provide multiple choices of products the insurance companies offer that best suits your needs.
You May Want a Home Warranty
Purchasing a home warranty may be a good idea especially if the home is not new construction. Sometimes the seller has an existing warranty that can be transferred to the new homeowner but if not, I can recommend companies that offer a variety of home warranties.
Leave it to the Movers!
You’ve finally reached the finish line of your home search.
You found the perfect home, got a great deal, and you can’t wait to move in.
But sometimes, the actual move can bring a whole new level of stress, especially if you’re moving to a new area and have minimal help from friends and family.
I can recommend movers that will make your move as seamless as possible.
Not only will they efficiently move your belongings into your new residence, but they’ll do so with the utmost care, keeping in mind that these are your precious, potentially valuable belongings.